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Who are we

21 May 2021

Who are we

LangCo is an online global language marketplace that focuses on English learning and life coaching skills. From speaking the language fluently to integrating yourself into a foreign society, we focus on all aspects of learning English. We give all our students much more than just English lessons. If you are looking for something more, then you need to join us soon.


Our vision

At LangCo, we are aiming at making learning more accessible and interesting. The world and its demographics have changed quite a lot recently. Starting from the way we lead our lives to the way we interact with others, each one of us has had to adjust to a 'new normal in every aspect. This 'new normal' might not feel like the easiest when it comes to learning either. 

As an online English learning website, LangCo gives you a platform to continue your English learning journey while adjusting to the new world. Connecting students and teachers from across the globe, we give you a chance to meet new people and learn more about them while sitting in the comfort of your home. Learn functional English with us and communicate with ease starting now.


LangCo In UK

Based in the United Kingdom, LangCo is set to take over the English learning scene. With a unique methodology and skilled teachers to execute it, LangCo is set to become a leader. The UK has always been one of the top destinations when it comes to learning English. Being an English speaking country, the UK is perfect for immersing yourself in the language.

We have hired and trained a number of British teachers to give learners a chance to practice with native speakers. Studying with us not only helps you in becoming more proficient in English language, but also speak fluently without any inhibitions. Our teaching methods and ideology are sure to improve your knowledge about both the English language and the western society.


LangCo In Russia

Russia is a stunning country in every sense of the word. In recent years, more people from Russia have started to establish themselves abroad while more foreigners have started coming in. Although these interactions have paved the way for a more multicultural society, there is still a language barrier that hinders seamless communication.

Our team at LangCo has designed the perfect methodology to bridge this gap. Learning functional English that allows you to interact with people freely is the key to understanding each other better. As Russia becomes increasingly global, you need to keep up with the changing trends. LangCo will prove to be the perfect partner you need to embark on this journey.


Our International Team

The team of any organization is the backbone that supports it. Right from our content creators to our teachers and admin team, each person is committed to building a brilliant language learning platform. The strength of our organization is the diversity of our team. We welcome people from different countries and cultural backgrounds in order to get a broader perspective of our audience. No matter where you are from, we have a team that can understand your needs and deliver the perfect language learning experience. 


What makes us unique

There is no doubt that learning English can make a huge difference when it comes to all the opportunities that you can unlock. Broadening your horizons becomes much easier when you are able to communicate more freely and eloquently. But simply speaking the language is not enough. More than speaking the language, you need to understand the culture and the people. 

LangCo implements a functional approach to learning English. We bring you an immersive English learning experience, where you learn a language that you can actually use. With our experienced tutors and unique methodology, you can get a better understanding of different cultures and what the people are like across the world. Learning English with us will allow you to gain a fresh perspective of the new world that awaits you.


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